Mars Garnier is the Founder, Cultural VP Brand Phygital and Innovation Strategist. As an intuitive design thinker, philanthropist and with a great understanding of how culture shapes people, she studies the evolution of socio-cultural trends, she is an audacious paradoxical strategist and trend forecaster.


Mars has worked for some of the world’s most fascinating, impressive companies and cultural institutions, including Zoomin TV, MTG, BFI, British Museum, Albert and Victoria Museum, Alfilo, Waldorf Astoria. For these companies and institutions she forecasted the new consumer archetypes, proposing paradoxical strategies and business development ideas, created new concepts for retailers, the fashion industry, hotels, health and beauty, entertainment, publishers, councils, insurances, investors and universities. She manages to illustrate the different perceptions of cultures, explaining how (co-)design, technology, innovation, sustainability, cross branding, authenticity and well being defines the new currency landscape of the co creation-culture for the consumer under the age of 25.


Next to this, Mars advocates expanding into new fields of interest in order to stimulate excellent communication with the emerging new generations of the world. With “Story Identity”-design at the core, she creatively broadens the company's horizons with a free spirit and great application of the design thinking-approach. To achieve the ultimate objective successfully, adaptability, diversity, productivity, social skills, economic and cultural aspects are at the basis of the process.

Mars also creates on-trend e-books and podcasts that address the future of well being, luxury, lifestyle, beauty and sustainable innovations.

































Mars created the on artistry operational land of Milk and Honey, thé habitat for collaborations on an international level with highly talented artists, storytellers, filmmakers, brands, designers, entrepreneurs, stylists, engineers, musicians, publishers, museums, scientists, poets, architects, philosophers, peace-campaigners, defenders of rights, environmental-activists, partners, book sniffers, investors, governments and friends.


Relying on its collective expertise, we wish to stimulate all our relationships, partners and clients through research, discoveries, individuality, diversity, authenticity, market studies, dreams, craftsmanship, innovations, traditions, creativity, and trend-forecasting.


Together we co-create a new voice in the cultural landscape that transcends any borders. We do so with a mindful, humanistic and analytical approach to nourish intuition, creativity and prospective innovations.

We desire to inspire and heighten the senses, to elevate imagination and have you fully immersed in our captivating, free-spirited, generous, sensitive, original and dauntless stories.


Mars Garnier’s Milk and Honey agency was established in Amsterdam in 2019.

With a great perceptual understanding of social and cultural branding through communication, Mars’s Milk and Honey agency combines the 2D and 3D world.

And together with the physical effects and resulting data, the agency manages to connect the digital world and real space together in the present.


Milk and Honey advises relations, partners and clients on how people interact in the journey of curiosity, breaking through the invisible boundaries of the global business, providing cultural contexts of today’s communication with creative ideas.

We guide you towards innovative design thinking and tailored paradoxical strategies in the chiefly phygital commerce world, by means of market research, socio-culture analysis, and trend forecasting.


Expatiating and consulting on product identity & development strategy.


Designing and providing a modern holistic approach to content and advising on strategy regarding a brand’s identity in a phygital world, operating on the mass market as well as on the luxury, high-end markets.


Culture Generation Currency, new values of the brand’s heritage, brainstorming and prospecting on the new Paradigm.


Our research and studies will help to understand the past and the impact we can make today as well as in the future, providing made-to-measure services for the brand’s heritage.

Exploring the fundamental touch points, together with our knowledge on media behavior, social interactions, cultures, attitude towards brands, consumer behavior, trends, markets, competition and sociology.

Perceiving the brand’s heritage and functioning by connecting today’s and future currency of Generation Z, Millennials, Alpha, DINK (double-income, no kids), HENRY (high-income, not rich yet) and YUUMY (young urban, upwardly mobile)


Providing the infinitive variety of languages and trends in developing new concepts, implementing the wishes of the brand’s identity and heritage with a refreshed strategic plan.


Exploring communication by analyzing and studying the culture, subcultures and lifestyles which leads to forecasting international trends in creating visual and technology immersive experiential concepts, graphics in content, packaging and storytelling studies on naming and logos.


We are proud to announce we are joining the crew as Executive Producer in the production of the short Film Tsuya, shot in Tokyo & directed by Yurena de Dios

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